The Kalichstein- Laredo- Robinson Trio
Photo Credit: Christian Steiner
America's Premier Trio
Joseph Kalichstein, piano
Jaime Laredo, violin
Sharon Robinson, cello


“…foremost trio with the greatest longevity…bring(ing) to worldwide audiences their expressive and exhilarating interpretations.”  --Musical America
Notes:  Nearly 35 years after its debut at the White House, The Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio continues to bring technical mastery, expressive depth, and magnetism to the concert stage. Carnegie Hall commemorated their 30th Anniversary in 2007 with a concert in Stern Auditorium. Richard Danielpour devoted a piano quartet in honor of the anniversary, which has become a part of their extensive repertoire. One of today’s most beloved ensembles, these three artists share their passion for music with audiences worldwide.
New works written for the Trio include:  Zwilich (1987)/ Silverman (1989)/ Kirchner (1993)/ Pärt (1993)/ Danielpour (2000)/ Tower (2003)/ Danielpour Quartet with Viola (2006)/ Zwilich Septet with the Miami Quartet (World Premiere 2009)/ Zwilich Bass Quintet (2011 – commissioning partners being assembled)/ Previn Trio (2012 - sponsored by the Music Accord Consortium)
Recordings:  Annual CD releases of The Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio are available on KOCH International Classics. The catalog includes newly commissioned works for the Trio as well as re-releases of the group’s hallmark recordings from their past thirty years of making music together. Their most current release features the complete trios of Brahms.

Programs:   Please note the below are samples only. The Trio crafts each program carefully and specific offerings for each venue will be submitted by the Trio.
  • Complete Beethoven Cycle - Over the course of one weekend or several visits during a single season, treat your audience to a transversal of this magnificent body of work. All-Schubert and All-Brahms programs are also available.
  • Two Faces of Struggle: Beethoven and Shostakovich - Separated by nearly 100 years of tumultuous history, Shostakovich and Beethoven wrote chamber music that defines their centuries. Heard together, they outline many of the most gripping possibilities for piano trio.
  • Haydn, Vienna, and the Birth of Chamber Music - One to three concerts celebrating the anniversary of the “father” of the piano trio, with works of Haydn and Schubert, plus Mendelssohn and/or Beethoven.
  • Traditional Piano Trio Programs - A few samples from recent seasons. Programs including works written for the trio are also available.  Please consult for specific offerings:
Beethoven        Trio Opus 1 No 2
Danielpour        A Child’s Reliquary (2000)
Brahms             Trio in B Major, Opus 8
Shostakovich   Trio No 1, Op 8
Ravel                 Trio in a minor
Brahms             Trio in B Major, Op 8

Haydn                Trio in A Major, Hob XV/18           
Mendelssohn   Trio in c minor, Op 66
Tchaikovsky      Trio in a minor, Op 50
Schubert            Trio in Bb, D 28
Schubert            Notturno in Eb D897, Op 148
Brahms              Trio in C Major
Mendelssohn    Trio in c minor
Rachmaninov    Trio 'elegiac' (No.1) in g minor
Arensky               Trio No.1 in d minor, Op.32
Tchaikovsky       Trio in a minor, Op.50
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