ECCO, East Coast Chamber Orchestra

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These youthful players are helping form classical music’s future. Long may they ECCO.
— The Washington Post

Some of the most enjoyable and revelatory musical experiences happen when musicians get together for fun rather than work. That’s exactly what you can expect at every ECCO concert—music played with total involvement and passion from musicians who thrive on the pure joy and camaraderie of classical music making. The members of this democratically‐run, self-conducted chamber orchestra are colleagues and friends from leading conservatories and music festivals across the country. They are soloists, chamber musicians, principals of major American orchestras, and GRAMMY award winners who play with the symphony orchestras of Philadelphia, Minnesota, San Francisco, Chicago, St. Louis, Seattle, and Boston among others. Members also play with the Enso, Jasper, Jupiter, and Parker quartets, as well as the Horszowski Trio, Trio Cavatina, Sejong Soloists, Time for Three, and Chamber Music Society II.

This dynamic collective of some of today’s most vibrant and gifted young string players combines the strength and power of a great orchestral ensemble with the personal involvement and sensitivity of superb chamber music. For a few concentrated periods of time each year, the members of ECCO meet for rehearsal and musical exploration. Cooking, eating, enjoying close friendships and now sharing tips for raising the next generation of ECCO are important aspects of the ensemble's gatherings. Along with musical exploration, there is always an intense discussion to be had about the joys and challenges of maintaining a truly communal creative organization.

They only schedule a handful of their unique concerts annually, which makes them rare and joyous events.