We tend to have a hard time getting students excited about classical music, but Sybarite5 did just that! Students were pleasantly surprised to hear Led Zeppelin and The White Stripes during our ‘flash concert’ in the cafeteria and Radiohead during the performance. Sybarite5’s modern take on classical even inspired a student group to write a blog post about the concert!
— Lisa Leighton, Bucknell University


Sybarite5’s community engagement activities are tailored to fit the needs of the schools they visit. They provide engaging and effective outreach for students from kindergarten to college levels. Since many of the works they play are shorter than the average classical piece or movement, the repertoire keeps students interested and excited. In all of their outreach performances, Sybarite5 makes sure to engage with the students not just by taking their questions, but also by asking them for specific observations about the music being played, and in some cases by asking them to share their music-making experiences. Here are some of the programs Sybarite5 offers:


EVOLUTION OF AN ENTREPRENEUR (High school-College level)
The members of Sybarite5 lead a discussion about what it means to be an artistic entrepreneur in the 21st century. Members of Sybarite5 address the ever-evolving landscape of concert music from the perspectives of five unique artists coming together to form one cohesive ensemble. This program can be custom tailored to the specific needs of the presenting organization.

  • Single or multiple sessions
  • Group and individual breakout sessions possible
  • Topics covered, but not limited to:
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Networking & Audience Cultivation
  • Curating your Presence: online, in person, & physical materials
  • Management & Business Models
  • Album Production/Music Distribution & Merch!
  • Life on the Road

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN COMPOSE?  (typically college level)
With So You Think You Can Compose, Sybarite5 brings the energy of So You Think You Can Dance to colleges and universities by partnering with composition departments to create and showcase new student works. The works are performed by Sybarite5 in a live casual concert complete with a panel of judges, and a winner is chosen via live text-to-vote system. So You Think You Can Compose transforms classical music composition into something both relevant and exciting for audiences, composers and performers.

MUSIC WE PLAY: Discussion Session for Composers
How to write for each instrument and string ensembles.  Other topics may include extended techniques, orchestration, commissioning, and deadlines.

INSIDE THE ENSEMBLE: Discussion Session for Performers
Members of Sybarite5 will discuss various topics, including the aspects of a chamber music ensemble, the history of the group, how the ensemble finds and rehearses repertoire, etc. Regardless of topic, we encourage the participation of a moderator or faculty member to guide discussion. With small groups this can sometimes be accomplished over a casual lunch or coffee.

OPEN REHEARSAL (High School – Adults of any age)
Members of Sybarite5 will lead the audience through a public rehearsal of the ensemble’s current repertoire. Questions from the audience are encouraged and will be addressed during the rehearsal. 

Faculty members can join Sybarite5 in the concert performance of a work from the ensemble's repertoire.



HOW IT WORKS! (Grades K-6)

  • short, high-energy performances of selections from our repertoire (sampling from many genres: classical, rock, blues, tango, world, etc.)
  • introduction to our instruments themselves, explanation of unique role of bass in our ensemble and behind-the-scenes look at how we create the extended techniques used in many of our pieces
  • guided question-and-answer session

STRINGS ROCK!  (Grades 6-12) 

  • high-energy performances of selections from our repertoire (sampling from many genres: classical, rock, blues, tango, world, etc.)
  • personalized introductions to each member of the ensemble
  • discussion of what chamber music is
  • explanation of career in music and what it entails (particularly if the students are studying instruments seriously)
  • open question-and-answer session


  • Students rehearse and perform a Led Zeppelin song with Sybarite5 on a public concert!



Sybarite5 helps transform students into a live music composition machine. Led by Sybarite5, students create their very own music compositions. At the end of the interactive session, Sybarite5 performs the new works. The program is custom tailored to the student age group. Instruments and prior musical instruction are not required!


  • individual and team-coaching of student ensembles (either standard repertoire, or they have the option of working on a piece of our repertoire in advance to be coached on)
  • solo instrument string masterclasses
  • coaching of sectionals within student orchestra
  • specified seminars on extended string technique (classical, fiddling, rock, jazz, tango)
  • Sybarite5 can breakout into 5 separate sessions if need be